Lucid Moons – Crystals for Your Rituals

Lucid Moons offers women the opportunity to enter into a conscious relationship with themselves and their bodies. This happens through mindful and sensual experiences with herself.

We support these moments with precious crystals for the female rituals.


Yoni Eggs

The Yoni Egg can help you to bring more femininity into your life. Thanks to the energy of the stone and regular, intentional practice you will gain more awareness of your body and your sexuality.

Yoni Wands

Awaken your body and your sexual energies, and strengthen the relationship to yourself with orgastic rituals. A 100% natural alternative to traditional love toys, free from silicones and softeners.

Yoni Wand aus Obsidian


Use the full power of your crystals by regularly energetically cleaning and caring for them.

Weisser Salbei zum Räuchern der Kristallw

Face Roller

Give your skin deep relaxation with a Facial Roller. This beauty tool originally comes from China, where it has been providing radiant skin since the 17th century.

Gua Sha

Gua Sha is an ancient facial massage that gives your skin an instant glow and reduces puffiness. A slightly deeper alternative to the gentle Face Roller.