FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some frequently asked questions with answers about payment and shipping, as well as the products on Lucid Moons.


Country of origin of the stones, production process and quality standards.

For all our products we use only genuine natural stone (nephrite jade, rose quartz, amethyst, obsidian and clear quartz). The stone always comes from natural deposits. However, the country of origin may differ depending on the delivery.

The stone is quarried into rough pieces with machine power and then cut into shape.

Production process of Yoni Eggs and other crystal products
The quarried stone is GIA certified. The individual certificates can be viewed per product on the product detail pages.

All Yoni Eggs, Gua Sha and Face Rollers at Lucid Moons are GIA certified, the Gemological Institute of America. As the most established institute in this field, the GIA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the research, standardization and teaching of diamonds, gemstones and pearls since 1931.


The GIA certificate guarantees that the products are made of real, safe and authentic crystals, which have not been heated, dyed or modified.

When you receive your products, you will notice that the stones have a partially different color. Since crystals are a natural product, the color and pattern of the stone cannot be influenced.

This is a proof of quality and shows that the stones were also obtained from “real” material and not, as is common in the industry, pressed together and colored from leftovers or stone dust.

Patterns and colored stones are therefore normal.

Payment and shipping

In order to ensure our quality standards, we control each product before shipping it out.

Your crystal should not have deep scratches or other damage, yet minor split-offs around the hole of a Yoni Egg can sometimes occur in softer stones (e.g. Obsidian) and are normal.

However, if you received a damaged or scratched crystal, please don’t hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp or e-mail, and we will replace your product. Please attach an image of the damage or scratch.

Do NOT use a damaged Yoni Egg or Yoni Wand.

Every order is shipped 1-2 days after receipt of order. There is only one shipping option and the shipment is only done as A-Post.

Lucid Moons ships with UPS worldwide to all countries.

We send from Switzerland almost all items from the assortment to the whole world. Please note the following information about customs and import fees.

Lucid Moons sends worldwide to all countries with UPS and this since 1.1.2019. For the import of the goods from Lucid Moons you as a customer are responsible and must pay all customs fees. These will be collected by UPS upon delivery of the shipment. Based on the net amount (without VAT) of your order from Lucid Moons, the fees for import duty (weight duty) will be taxed with the respective VAT of the importing country. For the import processing UPS will charge a presentation tax.

All orders from Switzerland and Liechtenstein are sent by Swiss Post. For the dispatch no tracking and tracing is completed.

Dispatch in Germany is carried out by GLS. For the dispatch in Germany a tracking number  is offered.

All orders worldwide are shipped by UPS and a tracking number is sent directly to the customer after the package has been dropped off at the UPS station or has been picked up by the UPS driver.

There is no right of return for Yoni Eggs, Crystal Wands, Facial Roller, and Gua Sha.

The order on account is only possible in the Switzerland and Liechtenstein!

For technical reasons our shop does not offer the possibility to order by invoice in the normal order process. If you want to order via invoice, please send us an e-mail to hello@lucidmoons.com. Tell us the name of the product, the design (stone and size) and the quantity, as well as the delivery or invoice address, and we will send you the package with invoice.

Please note that for the dispatch CHF 7.00 and the payment period is 10 days.

Lucid Moons offers yoga and tantra teachers, midwives and yoga studios attractive prices for larger orders. Find more details about our partner models or contact us under hello@lucidmoons.com.

Yoni Eggs

Yoni eggs are something very personal and we believe that every woman feels best which egg suits her best.

All our Yoni Eggs have a hole through which a thread can be pulled, which is included in the delivery. This helps to get a better feeling of safety when handling the Yoni Egg, especially at the beginning.

Before the first use, wash the Yoni Egg twice in warm water with soap and let it air dry. It is recommended to use natural, organic, unscented soap for sensitive skin. Do not use Sterillium for cleansing. This could severely affect your mucous membranes and lead to painful inflammation. Another way to clean the egg is to boil a pot of water and remove it from the stove when the water boils. Let the water cool down for a while, you should be able to stick a finger in it. Now you can put your egg in the water for 12-15 minutes. Please note that during this process the egg is not in the boiling water. This may cause the egg to break due to the heat.

Note: Wash your egg thoroughly and after each use.

It is a good idea to energetically cleanse your yoni egg before you use it for the first time. The best way is to put it in a bowl of sea salt overnight. You can also use sage, Palo Santo, or sweetgrass instead. With regular practice, it is important to energetically cleanse the yoni egg every few days.

Yoni Eggs come in 3 sizes: Large (45x30mm), Medium (40x25mm) and Small (30x20mm).

Most women can start with size M. After a pregnancy we recommend to start with size L. With regular use and gained confidence you can then switch to a smaller Yoni Egg.

The bigger the egg, the easier it is to hold it with the muscles. At the same time, the larger Yoni Eggs are also heavier and therefore more difficult to hold in over a longer period of time.

Small Yoni eggs (S) are for advanced users. The smaller the egg, the more muscles are needed to feel and hold the egg. Small Yoni Eggs are suitable for women with strong pelvic floor muscles. In this case, however, caution is advised and it is recommended to consolidate the gynaecologist and discuss the practice with her before use.

If you have already had one or more children or the menopause and are therefore unsure which size fits you, we recommend the 3-piece set. You can work your way through the 3 sizes with practice or use different sizes on different days.

We recommend choosing the crystal based on your own intuition. If the colour or description of a crystal appeals to you, you should trust this feeling.

There are three types of crystal used in Taoist culture. Women tend to start with the healing jade, then move on to the black obsidian to release trauma and inner blockages and end with the rose quartz, which opens the heart and brings lightness. These stones have been used for thousands of years and both their safety and healing properties have been proven over time.  

In general, jade is a good stone to start with, as it is particularly hard and does not break when it falls out during an exercise. Jade also has the highest density and is therefore the heaviest. 

The Yoni Egg practice consists of contraction exercises of the pelvic floor muscles, so-called Kegel exercises. The only difference to usual Kegel exercises – which are performed without weights – is that you also carry a Yoni Egg inside you. The weight and resistance of the yoni egg intensifies the Kegel exercises.

It is important to relax the pelvic floor muscles after each contraction so that the muscle can regenerate and build up. Also be careful not to hold your breath during the contractions.

You can do the Kegel exercises standing, lying down or sitting. If you cannot hold the egg, try the exercises lying down first. Experienced users can do the exercises in squat or lunge. 

Method 1: Contract your pelvic floor muscles for 5 seconds and then relax the muscles. Once you can contract for more than 5 seconds, you can extend the contraction time up to 15 seconds. An exercise session lasts 5 minutes.

Method 2: Contract and hold the pelvic floor muscles for 1 second and then relax. These short contractions will help you to get a more precise feel for your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles. An exercise session lasts 5 minutes. 

For an intensive Kegel training combine both methods for a 5-10 minute session. You should not train actively for longer than 10 minutes, as this can cause your muscles to become overtired and sore. Better to train regularly than too long at once! 

Tip 1: For more resistance you can attach a string to the Yoni Egg in addition to the Kegel exercises and pull it back slightly with your hand during contraction. However, do not pull so tightly that the Yoni Egg comes out. 

Tip 2: You can also hang a weight (max. 150g) on a yoni egg and do the Kegel exercises while standing. For example, you can carry a Yoni Egg S or M, and attach a Jade L, as this is particularly heavy due to its high density. 

More explanations and inspiration for exercises can be found on YouTube.

Yoni Eggs are particularly well suited in combination with yoga, Pilates or other physical activities such as standing or running. However, make sure not to wear the egg for more than 2 hours, as prolonged use can fatigue the vaginal muscles. 

Wearing Yoni Eggs during yoga intensifies your awareness of the pelvic floor (Mula Bandha). You can set the Mula Bandha with your inhalation, i.e. contract your pelvic floor. With the exhalation the contraction and relaxation releases the pelvic floor again.

Focus on your breath and keep a conscious connection to your yoni. You can do 1-2 contractions per yoga pose. In the yoga sequence, focus on pelvic floor-focused exercises such as the Bridge Pose, Frog Pose or Goddess Pose. 

Yoni Yoga strengthens, heals and promotes a healthy pelvic floor at any age. 

Please do not use the Yoni Egg during pregnancy. Always consult your midwife or gynaecologist.

After the birth, however, Yoni Eggs are wonderful tools to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and close the vaginal walls. Please consult your midwife or gynaecologist again.

Please contact your gynaecologist BEFORE you order and BEFORE using the Yoni Eggs and clarify whether the use of a Yoni Eggs is possible for you.

We do NOT recommend the use of a Yoni Egg without clarification and approval by your gynaecologist. 

The movement of the egg can hit the spiral and possibly move it. It is also possible that the string attached to the yoni egg can become entangled with the spiral. This can reduce its effectiveness as a contraceptive and even cause damage to the walls of the uterus. Use without the string is possible, but requires care and practice. 

Position des Yoni Eggs im Uterus und mögliche Gefahr beim Tragen einer Spirale

Although it is not dangerous to your health, we do not recommend that you use the yoni egg during your menstrual period. It is better to give the uterus space to release the monthly blood without giving any additional stimulus.  

Wearing the yoni egg during lunar time is up to you – trust your intuition. If you feel comfortable during your lunar time, then use it!  

Be sure to clean your egg thoroughly before and after each use, as you are more prone to infections during this time. Do not wear it longer than a tampon so that the blood can leave the body.

Basically it is no problem to wear the Yoni Egg overnight while sleeping. Even so, the crystal can unfold its healing effects. 

Especially if you use the Yoni Egg for a long time (like overnight), make sure that the Yoni Egg has been thoroughly cleaned and is not worn for more than 9 hours. We also recommend that you do not wear the Yoni Egg every night, as this can be emotionally intense and physically demanding on the vaginal muscles. 

The Yoni Egg can also be worn in the yoni during sex with a partner, where it can provide additional stimulation for both partners. 

Especially an egg made of rose quartz is suitable for this, as it enhances loving energies. 

Yoni Wands

Since the Yoni Walls are made of pure crystals, you can easily use oil or water-based lubricants. A cold-pressed, high-quality coconut oil is also suitable as a natural lubricant.

Compared to the Yoni Eggs, which must not be inserted rectally, you can also use your Yoni Wall anally. Use the lubricant of your choice. 

Please make sure to clean it thoroughly with a mild soap and warm water after anal use. You can also use a special Toycleaner, which does not harm the crystal. 

Yoni Wands can be used in and under water without any problems. The great thing about the Wands is that they are completely waterproof.

You should be especially careful in the shower or bathtub. The Yoni Wands become slippery under water and are not always easy to handle due to their weight. If the Yoni Wand falls on the tub or shower floor, it can break and also cause damage.

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