Many women are afraid of using a yoni egg. They fear that the egg can get stuck and then can’t be removed. Why you don’t have to be afraid that the Yoni Egg will stay in your body.

Why the Yoni Egg Can Not Get Stuck

“Oh no, my yoni egg is stuck!”

First of all, take a deep breath! We’re giving the all-clear. A yoni egg can’t just get stuck. That’s because our vagina (yoni) is not a sphincter, and so the egg can’t just get trapped in the shallows of your body. It can’t even slide further than your cervix.

Also, a tampon can’t get stuck in your body. Maybe you’ve had a tampon go in too deep, and you’ve had trouble getting it out of your yoni. However, the retrieval thread always makes removal easy. The same principle applies to the Yoni Egg.

So the Yoni Egg cannot get stuck. However, it can be difficult to remove if your muscles tighten.

What Can I Do When My Muscles Cramp?

Especially for beginners, using the Yoni Egg is quite new. If the Yoni Egg is in your vagina and you are not completely relaxed, your muscles may tense up.

Try to relax at this moment. Because the panic you’re feeling right now is causing your muscles to tense up even more.

Take a few deep breaths and bring yourself back to a semi-relaxed state. Try to focus on your muscles in the pelvic floor area as you do this.

In addition, you can squat (squat position). This position will propel the egg further down.

You can now try to gently grasp the egg in your vagina with one finger and push it down using gentle movements. Keep breathing in and out in a relaxed manner as you do this. Think of it as an experiment in exploring your yoni and feeling yourself better.

This can turn a faux pas into an exciting self-experiment.

These Tools Support You

Should your vagina be too dry, making it difficult to insert your finger, you can use lube as an aid. If you don’t have lube in the house, you can use olive or coconut oil as an alternative.

Coconut oil is even said to have properties that counteract vaginal fungal infections.

Did you actually know that your vagina has a rapid self-healing process?

This is due to its acidic environment and special structure.

Even if you had to “look” for the egg a little longer, don’t worry. Your vagina usually makes up for the irritation pretty quickly.

Should the egg still not want to show itself after all your efforts, there is one more secret tip!

The Insider Tip From Our Customers

Just go pee. Because in doing so, your muscles will relax completely. If you still a little with “press down” the Yoni egg finds its way out most certainly. At this point, you should then be quick.

We’ve heard quite a few stories from women where the yoni egg found its way out sooner than planned. If you don’t catch it early enough, it ends up in the toilet. Maybe we should write the post “How to fish my yoni egg out of the toilet as charmingly as possible” for this case soon 😉

Especially easy the removal works if you use the Yoni Egg with a band. For the inexperienced, this is the easiest way to get started with Yoni Egg training. All of our Yoni Eggs have a Yoni Egg String at you can attach or remove individually.

Our FAQ answers other exciting questions, such as yoga or sex with the Yoni Egg.