Cervix and orgasm – what? You probably know an orgasm via the G-spot or clitoris. This is also the most talked and written about. Orgasm via the cervix, on the other hand, is hardly ever discussed. This is a pity because this orgasm is one of the most intense orgasms you can experience as a woman. All you need to know about the cervical orgasm and how to reach this climax.

Where is the cervix?

The cervix is probably better known to you as the cervix. It is the connection between your vagina and your uterine cavity. The length of the cervix varies greatly from woman to woman and is on average about three to five centimeters. When viewed from the side, its shape is slightly bent and tilts forward.

In case of deep penetration of the vagina, a dildo or penis may bump against the cervix, but not into it.

Is a cervical orgasm possible?

Yes, every woman has the possibility to have a cervical orgasm, purely physiologically. But as with any other orgasm, the head, the situation and the partner play a decisive role. Only if you are completely relaxed and can let yourself go will you be able to experience it.

You may even have had a cervical orgasm without perceiving it specifically as such.

How does it feel?

A cervical orgasm is basically nothing more than a vaginal orgasm. The definition is the same, but the feeling is completely different.

During a vaginal orgasm you will feel a distinct climax with a contraction of your pelvis and a subsequent feeling of release. This is comparable to the orgasm of a man.

You will feel a cervix orgasm throughout your body. It is the strongest and most intense orgasm you can have. In Tantra it is called “full-body orgasm”.

Of course, every woman takes it differently. Some women tremble all over their body, others twist their eyes. Often it is accompanied by a pulsating feeling that works through the whole body. This is mainly due to the fact that the lust waves unfold via muscle contractions in the abdomen and can be felt all over the body.

The cervical orgasm can last for a very long time and can actually last for several hours. It can trigger very intense feelings and thus also become a spiritual experience.

Can you have a cervical orgasm without penetration?

A cervical orgasm is not possible without penetration and this must be deeper than normal penetration.

Some women also feel pain in the beginning. Even if you don’t have a cervical orgasm at all, the penis or dildo may bump against the cervix during sex or masturbation. This can often cause a painful feeling. Therefore it is important to relax completely and proceed slowly.

Many women also simply do not like deep penetration. And that is completely okay! There is not one perfect orgasm. If you prefer to stimulate your clitoris and reach the climax, you don’t have to force yourself to have a cervical orgasm. That wouldn’t work at all!

How can you get a cervix orgasm?

The most important thing first: You need time and rest! If you are not relaxed or feel stressed, it will not work. In the worst case, you will have pain and never try again.

It is best to approach the matter with a certain curiosity. The first time it is also advisable to try it alone and without a partner. This way you can feel much more easily if deep penetration is pleasant for you, which rhythm you like, and try different things.

Cervix Orgasmus – Lass dir Zeit
Cervix Orgasm – Take your time

All you need is a dildo and maybe some lubricant. In the beginning, you can start with the stimulation of your clitoris. What many people don’t know is that it is much bigger than just the outward appearance we see. It reaches into the inside of the vagina where it has wings and bud-like projections. This is also where the so-called G-spot is located.

Important for a cervical orgasm is that you are already very aroused. In the best case, you are already close to your climax before you start the deep penetration. If you then penetrate deeper you will feel a slight sting which should feel good. At that moment you have hit the right point. Now you have to touch this point again and again. If everything works, you will experience a wonderful climax!

If you have had the experience and the experience was nice for you, you can also try it with your partner during sex. The ideal position is the Doggy Style because the penis can penetrate very deeply and you can relax very well.

Observe cycle

By closely observing your cycle you can make it even easier to get a cervical orgasm. A few days before your period the cervix is often more sensitive and during your period it is even a little lower and therefore easier to reach. Some women also show increased sensitivity during ovulation. It therefore makes sense to try out cervical stimulation at different times of the month.

Which dildo should I choose?

Of course, the one you feel most comfortable with! The dildo should have a certain size so that it can be inserted deep enough. A slightly wider dildo can also be helpful to hit the right point easier.

Our Yoni Wand has the advantage of being conical. This means that one side is wider than the other. If it is comfortable for you, you can insert it with the wider side and thus reach cervical orgasm more easily.

Kristalldildo aus Obsidian
Obsidian crystal dildo

A vibrator can also be used. However, the disadvantage here is that its vibrations distract from your own physical sensation. If you start experimenting, a dildo might be more suitable, because you can go on a discovery tour in a relaxed way and feel everything exactly.


A cervix orgasm, or in other words, full-body orgasm, is possible! If you are curious, dare to try it and just give it a try. If you have an uncomfortable feeling, you should not force anything. Every kind of orgasm is fun and there is no right or wrong.