Crystals appear in the most diverse shapes and colors. In fact, there are several hundred variations. But what exactly are crystals and what positive effects can they have on you?

What Is a Crystal?

Crystals are solid bodies and occur in the most diverse forms. Graphite, which you find in your pencil lead, is a crystal just like rose quartz or diamond.

The differences in their appearance and composition are caused by the varying composition of atoms, ions and molecules. These are arranged in uniform structures, the so-called crystal lattice. A crystal can therefore be a beautiful gemstone or a simple drawing pencil.

In general usage, crystals are stones such as rose quartz, amethyst or even jade.

What Is the Difference to a Gemstone?

A gemstone is initially just like a crystal a mineral. The decisive difference is the hardness of the stone. A stone is considered a gemstone if it has a Mohs hardness of over 7. The Mohs hardness is the measure in which the hardness of crystals is measured. It is determined by the resistance that is created when a sharp-edged instrument is used to scratch the stone.

There are 10 degrees of hardness in total. The diamond reaches level 10 in such a test and no sharp-edged instrument can damage its surface. Crystals such as rose quartz and amethyst reach a level of 7, making them hard stones.

Other differences are the rarity and beauty of the stone. That is, its luster, color and purity. This also explains the different price levels of diamonds.

How Are Crystals Formed?

Crystals are formed by liquid magma, which is produced in volcanoes. You can imagine this liquid magma as a broth of minerals. The formation process of the stones takes several million years.

The liquid magma fights its way upwards under enormous pressure and the atoms begin to re-form. Through this process, stones and gems are created in the most diverse variations. These variations depend on their location and the minerals that are trapped within them.

In fact it is so that in the earth’s interior still the noble stones are created and so also in the future for sufficient supply is provided.

It is also possible to grow crystals. In fact, an entire industry has now been established here, which produces several thousand tons of crystals per year. You can also do this easily in your living room and watch how a crystal grows. The natural crystals are located inside the earth and are brought to light by mining.

What Do You Use Crystals For?

Crystals are used in many different ways. Some of these stones are said to have special energetic properties. They can be worn as jewelry and thus transfer their positive energy to the wearer.

In Chinese medicine, stones have a long tradition. In the traditional application of Gua Sha, rounded jade stones are used to stimulate the blood circulation of the skin.

Crystals are also being used more and more often for massages. With a Face Roller, you can use the positive qualities of crystals at home and stimulate the blood circulation in your face.

Another possibility is the Yoni Egg application. This was already used in China several thousand years ago. The Yoni Egg not only trains your pelvic floor muscles but also connects you better with your femininity.

The crystals are also often placed in a room or worn close to the body in order to use their positive energy.

The Energetic Power of Crystals

Each stone has a different power, which you can use positively for you.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a variation of quartz and appears in different shades of pink. The stone can be found all over the world, also in Switzerland and Germany. Rose quartz is a popular healing stone, which has many positive characteristics. First of all, however, it is considered a stone of (self-)love and fertility.

Rosenquarz Kristall in seiner ursprünglichen Form.
Rose quartz crystal in its original form. Illustration of Elena Cogliatti

Clear Quartz

For a long time, rock crystal was considered petrified ice. This is not surprising if one considers its clear and transparent form. Nevertheless, it belongs to the quartz and is the purest form of it. The rock crystal brings you as a healing stone clarity and order. It can also help you to release inner blockades.

Smoky Quartz

The smoky quartz is a crystal stone that appears in the most diverse shades of brown. Just like the other quartzes, it is spread all over the world. The smoky quartz supports you in the most different situations in life and is considered a stone that gives you vitality. For example, it can help you with inner tensions and stress.


The amethyst is a quartz stone that shines in many different shades of violet. As a healing stone, it should contribute to the purification of your body and mind. Concentration is increased and your thinking becomes more objective. It also helps you to dissolve negative energies.


The name Jade is used for the two stones Jadeite and Nephrite. The stone has been known for more than 7000 years and was considered a lucky charm in China very early on. Thus, jade is one of the oldest healing stones and is said to have a positive effect on the kidneys. It is also said to give its wearer harmony, balance, and open-mindedness.


The obsidian is a silica-rich stone that occurs mainly in shades of black. There are also variants in dark green, golden brown and reddish colors. There are large deposits in Turkey and Japan, among others. The obsidian is said to help against anxiety and promote wound healing. It also supports you in coming to terms with past experiences.

What You Should Pay Attention to When Buying Crystals

Not all crystals are the same. Unfortunately, there are many fake crystals on the market, which are difficult to distinguish from real crystals at first sight. To be on the safe side, you should only buy certified crystals. In laboratories, the crystals are checked for authenticity and then certified. One of these institutes where the crystals are tested is the GIA. The stones that are used in our products have been tested in advance by this institute.