A crystal dildo? Doesn’t that feel kind of weird? No, not at all. Here we explain what a crystal dildo or, respectively, Yoni Wand is. Learn how you can use its spiritual power and what advantages it has over conventional dildos.

What is a Crystal Dildo?

A crystal dildo is a love toy made of completely natural materials. Crystals are stones or minerals that are found all over the world. Despite their solid structure, the stones can be shaped into a wide variety of things.

Even into a dildo shape. Normally, dildos and vibrators are made of synthetic materials, but they have a number of disadvantages. We will go into these later in detail.

With a crystal dildo you hold an uncompromisingly natural product in your hands that flatters you and your body. Despite its firm body it adapts perfectly to you and it will not only give you pleasure can give you pleasure when you are alone but it can give pleasure to your partner, too.

Almost like a normal dildo. Only that it is much better.

How is a Crystal Dildo manufactured?

Crystals are mined all over the world. In a sawmill the whole crystal blocks are sawn into customary pieces and prepared for further processing. In the next steps, the stone is sawn into smaller, long strips. Here, the stone is then subjected to an initial quality control.

For that, it is scanned with light and checked for cracks or other blemishes which could later lead to breakage of the finished product. Imperfect stones are sorted out and not further processed.

After the raw material passes through quality control, it is brought into the rough form of a dildo, which is a slightly conical shape. However, in that stadium the product still has coarse corners and edges and is far from being ready for use.

In order to make the crystal dildo slick and smooth, it is processed by hand with different kinds of sandpaper in a lathe machine until it has the perfect shape and size. At the end of the process, it is placed in a drum with other crystals for a few hours, which ensures that the stone is smooth and supple. Finally, it is then rinsed with water and polished. Finally, your Yoni Wand is ready!

What Are the Disadvantages of Ordinary Dildos?

Conventional dildos and vibrators are made of synthetic materials such as silicone, PVC or ABS plastics. All these materials are not natural. They are produced in a chemical process.

These materials are of course not fundamentally bad. However, there are no clear guidelines for the plastics used in love toys. With toys for children, the situation is different. The synthetic materials that may be used for this purpose are subject to strict regulations throughout the EU.

Dildos and vibrators may contain phthalates or similar substances and are linked to many health risks.

In 2019, 18 sex toys of different price categories were tested. In fact, only three of them were completely free of harmful substances. This report makes you hesitate when choosing your toys. Normally, one hopes the products that touch one’s most intimate and delicate body parts are completely free of harmful chemicals. Unfortunately, this is not reality.

Harmful chemicals such as PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons), which are considered carcinogenic, and the plasticizer DEHP, which is said to impair fertility were found in the toys. You certainly do not want any of these in your yoni (vagina)!

Limits based on children’s toys or similar products were significantly exceeded, sometimes even by a hundred times. Not even the expensive products all performed well in this test.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Crystal Dildo?

Since the crystal dildos are one hundred percent natural, they contain no softeners or other substances that are dangerous to the body. In the Yoni Wand there are no solvents, silicones or other synthetic substances. Pure nature. Exactly what your body and your yoni should get.

They are carefully produced and checked by hand. Naturally with the appropriate appreciation of the natural resource.

But not only the material speaks for the use of a crystal dildos:

Just if you have been using vibrators, the crystal dildo will be a revelation for you. The disadvantage of a vibrator is that it does not create a real connection between you and your body. Through its vibrations it tells you how you should feel. In other words, you could say that it makes it too easy for you. Of course, you could argue that this is great and that you can reach a climax very quickly.

But what you are completely missing here is your own exploration of your body and your pleasure centers. It is also great to take time for masturbation. Getting fully involved. Do something good for yourself and connect with your sexual energy.

With a crystal dildo, you can explore your lust center and find out in a whole new way what gives you pleasure

You develop a completely new relationship between your body and mind. The Yoni Wand helps you to let go – without disturbing sounds or vibrations. You can follow your own instincts and approach the whole experience without shame.

In addition, a vibrator can over-stimulate your body and dull your sensation. With a crystal dildo you can sensitise your senses again.

The different crystals are also said to have different powers and energies, which can have a positive effect on your body and your spirits. So they should be able to help you with solving traumas and to reconnect with sexual energy.

The Advantages of a Crystal Dildo at a Glance

  • They are absolutely natural, without compromise
  • No synthetic substances that can affect fertility, cause cancer or have other negative effects on your health
  • Each Yoni Wand is unique
  • No vibration that over-stimulates the body.
  • Lovingly handcrafted
  • Crystals can have a positive effect on your body through their healing power
  • Connects body and mind
  • Natural exploration of your pleasure center

How to Use a Crystal Dildo

In principle you can use your crystal dildo just like any other dildo. Nevertheless we want to give you a few tips on how to make the experience even more beautiful for you.

At the beginning the crystal dildo still feels a bit cool. But when you play with it, it quickly adapts to your body temperature, similarly to a glass dildo. If you find the cold surface uncomfortable, you can warm the crystal dildo to your body temperature. Just hold it under warm water for a while or warm it up slowly between your hands.

First you should carefully feel your new toy. Since the crystal dildo is made of solid material, it is not as elastic as other dildos. Start carefully when you stimulate your yoni (vagina) with it and then just try out what you enjoy. Go at your own pace and rhythm that feels comfortable for you.

It should give you joy and pleasure. Use it to stimulate your G-spot or use the Yoni Wall as a gentle massage of the cervix.

With time you will get to know yourself better and better and know how to best enjoy your Yoni Wand.

The yoni wall can also be used in the anal area. Here you have to be a bit careful though, because the end is not extra wide. If you like lubricants, you can use any commercially available lubricant.

Naturally it is also a lot of fun to bring the Yoni Wand into the play with your partner and thus intensify it.

Ritual of Self Love with the Yoni Wand

You can also use the Yoni Wand for a spiritual experience. Because each crystal has for a different power, or energy, you can also use it for masturbation. In this way, playing with the crystal dildo also becomes a meditation and a ritual of self-love.

Set yourself an intention at the beginning. This can be very simple: self-love, mindfulness, being present, attentive breathing or slowness – these terms can be intentions. The intention helps you to let go and relax. In addition, with an intention you can also send a wish to yourself or another loved one.

Maybe you will also put on some relaxing music. This is once again an additional help to connect with your inner self.

If you move the Yoni Wand in you, you can link these movements with your breathing rhythm and thus reach a meditative state. This is a completely new experience even for women who have been meditating for a long time.

In the moment where you completely let go in masturbation, you are closer to yourself than in any other moment. And that’s why it’s a good moment to use it for meditation.

It is crucial that you take your time for this process and fully engage with it.

Cleaning the Yoni Wand

Cleaning the Yoni Wand is very easy. The most important thing is that you do it directly and thoroughly after each use. Just like with other sex toys, germs and bacteria can accumulate and multiply on the surface. So with a thorough cleaning you avoid infections or similar.

To do this you simply wash the crystal dildo under running water with a pH-neutral soap. Afterwards you simply dab it a little bit with a cloth and let it dry in the fresh air. Please do not use any disinfectant, because it will damage your mucous membranes.

You can also energetically clean your yoni wand. What that is and how it is done you can read here.

A Few Tips at the End

Even though you may not have had experiences with crystals, a yoni wand and spirituality in connection with masturbation: That does not matter at all. Because everything is and was at some point new and exciting. And that is the beauty of it.

Just dare it and go for it! You can’t do anything wrong. Just sit back, relax, and let yourself go on this new adventure. Try to switch off your thoughts. The breathing technique mentioned above will also help you. Be open to the new experience and discover the world of the Yoni Wand.

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