Love balls and yoni eggs are often considered to be the same thing. However, they are very different in their use and the results each gives. So what exactly are the differences and what effects do they have?

What are love balls?

Love balls originate from Asia. Traditionally made from metal they were already worn several hundred years ago to increase sexual desire.

Most modern love balls consist of two connected balls and, similarly to a tampon, a thread to pull them back out. The outer love balls you see, however, are only a hollow body. Inside, there are two smaller balls that give these love balls their weight.

If you wear the love balls during a walk, the smaller balls are moved. In this way, they create an oscillating rhythm that resembles a vibration. Meanwhile there are also electric love balls, which can often be controlled by a remote control. This creates permanent, often strong vibrations.

Regular love balls are made of synthetic materials like silicone, plastic, or its traditional material, i.e. metal. Especially the synthetic materials are often damaging for you and your body since they contain harmful softeners or toxic other substances. Read here how these can negatively affect your body.

How are love balls used?

Love balls are a very popular sex toy among women and are claimed to make sex life more exciting. The oscillations and slight vibrations, which are triggered by movements, cause an increased excitement in the wearer. Therefore the love balls are often used as foreplay a few hours before sexual intercourse. Some couples also use them during this time.

The love balls are also suitable for pelvic floor exercises, though the vibrations can also be experienced as negative here. Therefore, if you prefer natural materials and to have no vibrations the Yoni Egg could be just right for you.

What is a Yoni Egg and how is the Yoni Egg used?

The practice of Yoni Eggs is an ancient tradition which was used by the noble women of China approximately 5000 years ago. The word “Yoni” however, originates from sanskrit and describes the female genital.

The Yoni Egg is manufactured from natural minerals. These crystal minerals –for example rosequartz or jade– do not only only provide different a appearance but also have different healing properties. As the name suggests, is the yoni egg in an egg-like shape in which a small hole is drilled, where the a string for retrieving can be attached.

Each yoni egg is hand made and inspected. This kind of production makes every Yoni Egg unique and therefore as individual as its owner. Do you want to know how the production looks like in detail? In this blog post, we accompanied the whole process in detail.

The yoni egg is used by women primarily to get to know their own bodies and to connect with and perceive their yoni more consciously. With the help of a yoni egg, you can discover your (sexual) energy, and thus wearing it can also become a spiritual experience.

The Yoni eggs are also ideal pelvic floor exercises. Due to the different sizes and weights, the wearer can slowly approach the experience. Depending on how advanced the wearer is, it is very easy to switch between these different sizes. Even if it may sound a bit contradictory, the training is started with a large Yoni Egg since it is easier to hold. With more training experience and stronger muscles, you will gradually switch to smaller sizes.

How Yoni Eggs Are Different From Regular Love Balls

Yoni eggs are the natural alternative to love balls. They do not contain any synthetic or chemical additives at all.

If you want to train your pelvic floor muscles, yoni eggs are a great choice. They function completely without vibrations and oscillations, which perceived as disturbing. With the yoni egg you can concentrate much better on the actual training.

Especially strongly vibrating love balls, i.e. those that are controlled by remote control, do not serve the same purpose as a yoni egg. The vibrations do not let you feel your body and your yoni in itself. It is a feeling that is “produced” from outside and not from inside. In this way, the sense of your own body and libido can be reduced and you may need stronger stimuli over time to get an orgasm. If you already think that your sensitivity is reduced, the yoni egg may help you to find it again.

A yoni egg may also be worn during love play with your partner. The egg is pressed against the G-spot, which triggers a very intense and orgasm. As a sex toy, the Yoni Egg should be used without a string and should immediately be thoroughly cleaned afterward.


The Yoni Egg is the natural alternative to love balls. Made from crystals, you don’t have to worry about them containing harmful substances such as softening agents.

Unlike love balls, yoni eggs do not contain oscillating balls or electrical vibrations that could be perceived as disturbing. They focus your body to consciously perceive itself and to get to know your body and your yoni better. The result is a heightened sense of self, increased pleasure, and strengthened pelvic floor muscles.

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