Summer is slowly coming to an end and nature slowly shifting into autumn and winter. We move into the seasons of the “Yin”, characterized by introspection, depth and nourishing tranquility. It is an invitation from nature herself to take a more relaxed approach to things. Yin stands for the female aspect in Taoism, the aspect of the soft, passive and circular.

This year might have been filled with a lot of uncertainty and change, but the controlling Yang of the spring and summer months may now rest and make room for the Yin. The energies have exhausted, and now it the time to accepting and letting go.

Maybe you haven’t dealt with your inner working in a more profound way in a while and your self-caring rituals and deeper needs have been pushed into the background a little bit. With the full moon in Pisces today, I invite you to take some time for yourself; A full moon ritual in the name of Yin.

Generally the moon strongly influences our feelings, emotions and the ability to nourish ourselves. With the moon in the zodiac sign of Pisces, our senses and intuition are strengthened. It is an invitation to recalibrate and balance our everyday life with the more mystical aspects of our existence. Turn to your sensitive side, nurture yourself through creative activities that you love doing, and get ready to consciously receive your feelings during these rituals.

Each ritual is way to give you a fresh start and to set your intentions. Now is a good time for introspection and new beginnings.

Below you will find a full moon ritual, which brings you in line with your Yin. Charge yourself and your crystals with the intuitive, creative and deep power of the current full moon.

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Foto von Mike Petrucci auf Unsplash

The Ritual

If possible take yourself some time for this fullmoon ritual. This time shall be dedicated for you only and it is important that you have enough time for your introspection. It is difficult to calm your mind in times of stress, noise and with your phone constantly going off. Therefore it is recommended to do the ritual in the late evening. Ideally the full moon is visible by then.

If you have a Yoni Egg or Yoni Wand at home, you should clean it thoroughly first. Especially now it is important to also clean your crystals energetically. For that, either use the incense smoke of white sage or Palo Santo, or put the crystals in a bowl of water with sea salt for about 15 minutes.

Make yourself comfortable at a window or balcony if you do not have the possibility to go out in nature. You could light a candle and maybe you’ll put your crystals in a nice bowls where you can leave them outside over night.

Full moon in pisces on September 2nd, 2020 invites you to connect with your inner mystical being. The essence of this side of your being does not always need proof, explanation or logic. This is the truly feminine side of you and it may take some effort to surrender to such things – but fact is that nobody can ever take this intuitive nature away from you!

Take some time to reflect on the past weeks, maybe even months.

  • How many times did you consciously spend time with yourself?
  • How much attention did you pay your creativity? (Creativity comes in many forms) 
  • How often did you simply do “nothing” without rationalizing or controlling?
  • How often did you give space to your feelings and attentively listen to your inner child? 

Maybe you were completely with yourself, or you realize that you could have been more aligned with your inner being. Maybe you are real sad to have neglected these aspects of yourself. And how wonderful that is, because real sadness is a sign of deepest recognition and appreciation.

Now, close your eyes. Breathe deeply into your belly. Let go of your past. Let go of your urge to always have answers and a plan.

Invite your intuition back into your being. Let your body be full of true wisdom. Allow your feelings. Allow your softness. Allow yourself a nourishing, deep breath into your belly.

And sit there, maybe the moon shines at you. Quietly express your gratefulness for this moment. The powerful woman that you are with all her facets cannot be taken away from you.