Crystals are a natural product and in itself easy to clean. Depending on crystal and processing, crystals, even if they look smooth, can be porous. Porous means that there are very fine irregularities on the surface – sometimes not even visible to the naked eye.

If a surface is porous, bacteria and germs can deposit there. Bacteria and germs are not a bad thing per se, it’s just that you don’t necessarily want to fire their spread.

How Do I Wash the Yoni Egg or Yoni Wand Properly?

For this reason, it is important to wash the crystals with a pH-neutral soap before and after each use and to rinse them under running water. Water with a pH value of 7 is also called pH-neutral. A pH value that is below (acidic) or above this value (alkaline) could cause irritation, depending on the skin type.

If you have a Yoni Egg with a hole, you should pay special attention that the hole is rinsed under running water. You can also use the Yoni Egg String to clean the hole by running it under running water along the walls of the hole.

Allow Crystals to Air Dry

After washing, crystals should be lightly dabbed with a fresh, clean cloth and dried in the air. The air will help remove excess moisture.

You should not put the crystals in the sun, this could cause them to fade with time.

Kristalle brauchen Pflege

Disinfect the Yoni Egg or the Wand

Under no circumstances should you use products containing alcohol or other disinfectants to clean your products. As described above it is sufficient to use water and pH-neutral soap.

Disinfectants and other products containing alcohol can attack the mucous membranes and cause severe irritation.

What Does “Energetic Purification” Mean?

Energetic purification means to free the crystals from negative energy. Crystals, which are often used for healing, gradually release their energy to the wearer. This allows healing and at the same time, the released negative energy is transferred to the stone. This stored energy should be released from time to time.

An energetic cleansing supports the crystals in “letting go” of the stored, negative energy and simultaneously charges them. This process of recharging can take place in different ways.

Soak in sea salt

Salt is an ancient cleaning agent with antiseptic properties. Put a handful of sea salt in a glass bowl and then fill it up with water. Make sure that the salt dissolves completely and no crystals are visible. These could otherwise damage the surface of the crystals.

Now put the crystals into the vessel so that they are completely covered with water. The stones should remain in the water bath for one hour. Too long a bath could take away the shine of the stone. Dry the stones after the water bath and let them dry in the air. The saltwater should then be poured away and not used any further.

In Flowing Waters

Water is a natural cleaner that dissolves negativity. A river or stream near you is a good place to do this. On the shore, where the current is rather weak, you can bury your crystals in the sand. It is best to place a large stone on top of them so that they cannot be washed away. Alternatively, you can put the stones in a water-permeable bag, such as a vegetable bag, and sink them in the water.

Energetische Reinigung von Kristallen im Fluss
Energetic purification of crystals in flow

The stones should be exposed to water for several hours. The best time is overnight during a full moon. The next day you can dig out the stones and let them dry in the air. Wash the stones again before you use them next time after this cleaning process.

Charge at Full Moon

The moon is considered a particularly valuable source of power when it comes to energizing and charging crystals. The stones can be exposed to the moon on a cloth, plate, or in the garden overnight. Especially during the full moon, when the moon shines the strongest (reflected), its information is transmitted to the crystals.

Energetische Reinigung von Kristallen bei Vollmond
Energetic cleaning of crystals during full moon

You should keep the phases of the moon in mind. The waxing moon is very powerful and brings energy to the stone. The waning moon has rather gentle qualities and brings healing powers.


It has been known for centuries in Indian tribes to chase away negative energies and spirits with smoke from wild herbs. The smoke of White Sage or Palo Santo can help to free these energies.

To do this, light the sage bunch or Palo Santo and then let the flame go out. With the smoke and the intention to remove the negative energy from the crystals, circles can now be drawn around the crystals. The smoke should come in contact with the crystals.

Kristalle Reinigen mit Salbei Rauch
Cleaning crystals with sage smoke

We have compiled a detailed article on smoking with sage in our article: White sage and its use as a smudge for cleansing crystals

How Often Should I Energetically Clean the Crystals?

Usually, you can feel quite quickly when your crystals no longer carry the energy within them as they did at the beginning. The time is therefore very different and depends also on how often you work with the crystals.

What is recommended, for example, is to charge the crystals overnight with the full moon. This way you can use the energy of the moon and at the same time have a memory that is easy to remember.