Making a Yoni Wand out of raw crystal rock requires a lot of skill, ability, and knowledge about this sensitive raw material. The manufacturing of such a product is a craft – and art for itself.

To change the shape of the stone was essential for our development and that of all mankind. Similar to an old tradition, products are still made of stone today.

The work is no longer as intensive as it was hundreds of years ago. Nevertheless, the work with the stone is no less demanding. It is important for us to show how such products are made and also the craft hidden in them.

The Choice of the Right Raw Material

Crystals can be found on different parts of the earth depending on their type. The most widespread type of crystal is the quartz, which is found in rocks almost everywhere in the world. It is mined in large quantities and transported as whole blocks to an industrial stone sawmill. There it is sawn into small blocks and from there it is further processed.

Rosenquarz Kristallplatten grob zugeschnitten
Rose quartz crystals roughly cut

Whether a crystal is suitable for further processing can usually only be seen when it is sawn through. It is not uncommon for air inclusions or other minerals to be trapped in the crystal, causing small cracks or partial blemishes or discoloration.

Bringing the Crystal Into Its Shape

The stone is cut into small pieces in a further process step. These parts can be straightened easily by hand. The fact that the stone has now been sawn into long strips allows it to be illuminated with a bright light. During this first quality control, cracks, which could later lead to the breakage of the crystal, or the smallest inclusions can be detected with a trained eye.

Qualitätskontrolle unter dem Licht
Quality control under the light. Even the smallest cracks in the crystal become visible

If the blank is found to be good, the next step follows. Here the stone is brought into a first form with a saw. This already resembles the final product, but still has rough edges. The blank is not ground directly but first sawed into a form again.

Rosenquarz Yoni Wand Rohlinge
Rose Quartz Yoni Wand blanks

Now it is already recognizable which product it is. When sawing the crystal was cut into the appropriate length. The slight taper to one end gives the familiar shape.

The Finishing Touches

The next step is to smooth the corners and edges and bring the wand into its final shape. To do this, the crystal is clamped in a lathe and treated by hand with various types of abrasive paper.

Die Yoni Wand Rohlinge werden in ihre Form geschliffen
The Yoni Wand blanks are ground into their shape

This process involves a changeover from coarse to increasingly fine sandpaper. This is an extremely dusty process, as stone dust is formed with each grinding cycle. The crystal is cut until it has reached the desired diameter and shape.

Make the Yoni Wand Shine

The big finishing happens when the crystal is added to other crystals in a drum where it grinds on other crystals for several hours. Similar to the stones at the sea, which are rinsed daily by the water and sand, their shape changes, and they become softer and rounder.

Kristallbad zum Entfernen von Kanten
Kristallbad zum Entfernen von Kanten

It is exactly the same as the Yoni Wands. The crystal splinters in the drum ensure that the stone is polished again from all sides and any remaining deposits are removed.

Finally, the yoni wand is washed with water, rubbed dry, and polished with a cloth. Each Yoni Wand is made of 100% natural raw materials and is unique.

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