We recently received a question from a customer asking if the Yoni Egg can help her get an orgasm. Since we believe that many of you are asking this question, we want to take a closer look at it in this blog article.

Why do many women find it difficult to get an orgasm?

Very few women have problems reaching climax by stimulating their clitoris. However, with vaginal orgasm, the situation is quite different. Of course, any kind of orgasm is great. But many women simply want to experience a climax during sex with their partner without additional stimulation of the clitoris.

Theoretically, every woman can have a vaginal orgasm. However, the practice often looks different. Basically, no orgasm happens without the influence of the clitoris. This includes not only the outer and visible areas. The much larger area is inside the vagina and can be stimulated by penetration.

To find out what is good for yourself, masturbation is the first step. Here Exploring with your own fingers or a crystal dildo helps you get to know yourself better and find out which «buttons» need to be pressed. Very simple: The more you touch and get to know yourself, the easier it will be for you to stimulate your nerves and reach orgasm.

Intense sex through the strong pelvic floor

Getting to know your body and your yoni is the first step to a great orgasm. But your pelvic floor is also responsible for having an orgasm.

During sex, women often tense up their whole body and become aroused. You may have noticed that your body or jaw is tensing or holding your breath during sex.

This tension is good for an orgasm, but relaxation is also part of it. More precisely, it is the mixture that makes it happen! With a trained pelvic floor, you can specifically tense and relax the muscles in this area. The more trained your pelvic floor is, the easier it will be for you to reach the climax. Your sensation will be strengthened and the blood circulation stimulated, which makes you and your nerves more sensitive and intensifies your feelings.

Why the yoni egg can support you during orgasm

With a yoni egg, you can train and strengthen your pelvic floor. If you wear it daily for a few hours, your pelvic floor muscles have the task of not “losing” it. In doing so, the muscles are consciously and often unconsciously tensed and strengthened in this way. You train these muscles just like you train any other muscle during exercise. You can also practice relaxation – by consciously tensing and then relaxing your muscles while wearing the Yoni Egg.

In addition to other experiences of women with the Yoni Egg, it massages the fascial tissue in your vagina and relaxes it. This increases your sensitivity in this area and makes it easier for you to connect with your yoni. Emotional blockages and feelings of guilt can be released more easily and confidence in your own body is strengthened.