Sustainability is taking up more and more space in our lives. So why shouldn’t we also try out sustainable sex toys? In this article, we’ll explain what makes a sustainable sex toy and how you can do good with it.

What does sustainability mean anyway?

Today, we are confronted with the word sustainability almost every day. Sustainable food, cosmetics, household products, cars and even sustainable sex toys. But what does that actually mean?

In everyday life, sustainability is primarily associated with the longevity of products and environmental protection. It is also the conscious use of our earth’s resources. In the end, sustainability should benefit everyone. We use products that are good for us, are produced under fair conditions, and do not harm the environment.

The term sustainability goes back to Hans von Carlowitz. In his book of 1713, he applied it in connection with forestry. His statement was that only as much wood should be felled as will permanently grow back. This principle was then extended to many other areas of life up to the present day. Sustainability is thus not a new trend, but rather a revived one.

It’s great that more and more companies are embracing the idea of a sustainable manufacturing process. However, some also just want to jump on this trend. Thus, many products are created today that work with the term sustainability, but see it much more as an advertising slogan. That is why it is always worth taking a closer look. As the saying goes, all that glitters is not gold.

The simplest trick for daily use is to ask yourself the question every time you buy something: How long do I want and can I use this product? The longer, the better! This way, you can implement sustainability in a very uncomplicated way.

Cradle to Cradle

The term cradle to cradle also appears in connection with sustainability.

Cradle to Cradle is the principle of a perfect circular economy. The vision behind it is to create a waste-free economy. Thus, not only the first use is considered here, but also what happens to the raw materials after the first use. Therefore, in the Cradle to Cradle principle, all raw materials are reusable.

Companies should also refrain from using materials that are harmful to the environment and health. The materials used must be recyclable. This includes, for example, compostable textiles, edible packaging, but also ecological sex toys.

In addition to the ecological aspects, Cradle to Cradle also attaches great importance to the social components. In addition to good working conditions, this also includes fair payment.

This contrasts with our current “Cradle to Crave” principle. This means that products end up in the trash after they have been used. This means that new raw materials are needed again and again, which our environment cannot cope with within the long term.

Sustainability and Sex Toys

Maybe now you wondered what all this has to do with sex toys?

Sex toys can (and we think should) also be sustainable. If we associate the term sustainability with sex toys, we can first look at the materials. A sustainable sex toy is therefore made of a resource-conserving and natural material. This includes wood, glass, or even natural stone, for example. All of these materials can be easily recycled. As a rule of thumb, any material that nature itself has created is ecological.

In addition, this material should also have high durability. So you can enjoy it for a long time and the environment is happy too.

As with other products, sustainable and ecological sex toys attach importance to the manufacturing process. This should consume as few resources as possible and get by without chemicals.

Why are most sex toys not sustainable?

Although the demand for organic sex toys is growing, the supply is very small. Thus, just in the last few years, reports about harmful substances in sex toys have increasingly surfaced. In fact, there are no limits for harmful substances in adult toys. What has long been mandatory for children’s toys does not apply to adults. Yet we touch our most intimate and sensitive parts with the toys.

But these substances are not only harmful to us. Sex toys use a lot of plastic and chemicals. The electronics, whether with rechargeable battery or battery, contains rare metals. All this is not good for the environment and can also be reused only poorly. Thus, a large part of sex toys is not eco-friendly.

The more materials are processed in a product, the more difficult it is to separate them again afterward. Companies that specialize in sustainable products therefore try to use as few materials as possible.

What distinguishes sustainable Love Toys from Lucid Moons?

Our Lucid Moons Love Toys are all sustainably produced and are all made from the same raw material: crystal.

Our Yoni Wands / Dildos are produced from crystal stones. Besides this natural material, no other raw materials are used. The natural stones used in our production are all GIA certified, which guarantees the authenticity of the crystals and thus their naturalness.

In addition, each of our sustainable sex toys is made by hand. In the process, the finished dildo or yoni egg is gradually made from the rough, large stone. No chemicals are used in any step of this process. Do you want to know exactly how our products are made? Then read it here.

Our sex toys are designed to last a long time. We want you to enjoy them for a long time. Should you want to discard them at some point, you can easily recycle them.