Amethyst Yoni Egg


Amethyst is one of the most healing crystals for the whole body and also one of the best stones for meditation and sleep. It radiates a calming and soothing energy, which brings your thoughts to rest and enhances your concentration, perception and intuition. Amethyst also has a centering and strengthening effect on an emotional level.

When you wear the Amethyst Yoni Egg, you remain clear and calm while at the same time you can open yourself on a spiritual level. The amethyst is especially valuable when meditating. In addition, the amethyst can help you to consciously reprogram unhealthy habits such as excessive giving in and addictive behavior, so that you can create more clarity in your life.

Your intuition will be strengthened by wearing the amethyst, and you will find it easier to see what is best for you. Your creativity is also stimulated, which you can use practically or playfully. The protective properties of the amethyst are also particularly helpful in cases of stress or anxiety by promoting inner peace, harmony and patience.

Amethyst is also particularly suitable for sleeping, as it calms your thoughts. Amethyst can also help with lucid dreaming.

Yoni Egg Size Chart

Each yoni egg is drilled at the upper, more pointed end. A Yoni Egg String is supplied with each Yoni Egg.

GIA Certificate (Report Nr. 5201363517)