Obsidian Yoni Egg


The strong energy of obsidian, a volcanic lava rock, is attributed to the elements during its powerful formation: Earth, water and fire. Obsidian is a stone from which you can hide nothing, and it should therefore be worn with great awareness. It is also called the stone of truth because it brings to light suppressed and unconscious shadows: trauma, limits, delusions and unconscious thought and behaviour patterns.

Obsidian is often perceived as intense and merciless, but that is exactly why its power to bring about profound changes and holistic healing is extraordinary. This way you can support your necessary changes to live a harmonious and authentic life and to develop yourself personally.

The obsidian also has a strong protective effect on you by grounding you and absorbing negative energies. Therefore we recommend to clean your obsidian energetically on a regular basis, e.g. with a sage incense.

If you want to cleanse yourself from negative energies, transform yourself and manifest more truth and authenticity, Obsidian is the stone for you.

Yoni Ei Grössentabelle in S, M & L – Welche Grösse passt zu mir?

Each Yoni egg is twisted and has a hole at the top. A string is supplied with each Yoni Egg.

GIA Certificate (Report Nr. 6207363494)