Rosen Quartz Yoni Egg


The rose quartz is one of the most important healing stones and is often called a love stone. In mythology it is described that rose quartz was brought to earth by Eros, the god of love, to give love to people.

Rose quartz has always been considered the stone of fertility and beauty. It is a particularly important healing stone for the heart chakra, where its energy can release barriers and blockages to emotions, feelings, and the giving and receiving of love.

The delicate rose radiates femininity and unconditional love, helping you to reach the frequency of all-encompassing love: for yourself, romantic partners, family, friends, and the love in all living beings.

Rose quartz helps you to recognize your self-worth and to connect with the lightness, openness, warmth, and acceptance of your heart. Emotional wounds and traumas (including sexual traumas), grief and bitterness are also gently healed with Rose Quartz, so that you can shine with an open heart.

Also in romantic relationships, the Rose Quartz is valuable to bring harmony and to strengthen intimacy and trust. Rose Quartz is a wonderful stone, which can also be worn during the act of love in the yoni.

Yoni Ei Grössentabelle in S, M & L – Welche Grösse passt zu mir?

Each yoni egg is drilled and has a hole at the top. One Yoni Egg String is delivered with each Yoni Egg.

GIA Certificate (Report Nr. 5202363539)