Awaken your body and your sexual energies

Strengthen the relationship to yourself with orgastic rituals. Handcrafted from pure crystals, Yoni Wands offer you a 100% natural alternative to traditional plastic love toys. A crystal for authentic orgasms.

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How To

Please use your Yoni Wand only in well cleaned condition.

We recommend that you set an intention before each use of the wand. This can be quite simple, such as decelerating, breathing consciously, being mindful and loving with yourself, or showing compassion, forgiveness, self-worth – whatever you need at the moment.

Before you insert the Yoni Wand, you can hold it under warm water. If necessary, you can use lubricant or high-quality coconut oil for insertion. The wand has a narrow and a wide end, you decide which one fits you. Apply a circular pressure to your cervix, which is connected to the heart in Yoni Reflexology, for heart-opening orgasms. You can also bring the Yoni Wand gently to the front of your Yoni and massage your G-Spot here.

Stay intuitive and take your time. Observe the sensual impressions without judging and enjoy your body lovingly exactly as it is at the moment. Be aware that the use of a Yoni Wand can trigger many emotions that are held in your Yoni. The healing properties of the stone can release these tensions and negative energies, so allow everything: feeling is healing.

The Yoni Wand can also be used by your partner to massage your yoni.


Clean your Yoni Wand after use with a mild, natural soap and hot, but not boiling, water. You can also soak the wand overnight in a water bath with some sea salt, apple vinegar or a few drops of lavender or tea tree essential oil. Let the wand air dry after each cleaning.

To energetically clean and charge the yoni wand, you can smoke it with white sage or hold it under running water. Since the wand can also often release negative energies in the yoni, we recommend regular energetic cleansing to avoid reintroducing dissolved negative energies.

Tip: Full Moon Cleansing Ritual
As a monthly ritual you can put your crystals out into the moonlight during the full moon. The energies of the full moon work especially well to purify negative energies from your crystal and recharge it positively. Put the crystals out overnight, if possible on a natural surface such as earth, stone or wood. Set yourself an intention for the cleansing. Clean the crystals with warm water before the next application.