Nephrite Jade Yoni Egg


Jade is known as «The Stone of Wealth» and is the crystal that was originally worn in China by the empresses as a yoni egg. The color of nephrite jade is a dark and deep green. The Jade Egg is characterized by a particularly high density and breaking strength, which makes it a popular choice.

Jade symbolizes the five main virtues: Wisdom, Justice, Humility, Mercy & Courage and thus bring healing, love, prosperity, and serenity to life.

Nephrite Jade is a stone that gives its wearer lust for life, harmony, and open-mindedness and communicates with the heart chakra. It helps to establish the connection to the heart and your passion and thus balances the energy balance. This healing stone promotes mental agility, strengthens courage and personality, and can also release fears and blockages.

Its grounding and protective properties help to strengthen you and keep negative energies and self-doubt away. Jade also helps you to connect with your inner wisdom, which you can draw on when making difficult decisions.

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Each Yoni egg is drilled and has a hole at the top. A string is supplied with each Yoni Egg.

GIA Certificate (Report Nr. 5326116153)