Obsidian Yoni Wand


The black obsidian wand, made of pure lava rock, is a strong crystal for protection and purification. It resolves disharmonies, negative attachments, old patterns, and negative emotions. Obsidian helps to free you from negative thought patterns that prevent you from your personal and sexual development. In addition to its protective and purifying properties, obsidian is also a particularly earthy crystal.

Its powerful dissolving and liberating energies make it especially valuable for releasing trauma in the yoni, which has manifested itself through negative experiences.

The lava rock brings the element of fire, for intense and grounding orgasms. Obsidian has an energizing and strengthening effect, and awakens not only your sexuality, but also the passion in all areas of your life.

Size: 17.5cm length, 4.00cm width at the end and 2.20cm width at the top.

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